Changeover is the story of Haley Thompson a teenage girl who must move in with her tennis pro uncle and his eight year old son after witnessing her

parents death in a car accident. Adjusting to life with her new family proves difficult, however, as the memory of her parents’ death leads to self destructive behavior.


After attempting to end her own life, Haley must seek treatment and learn to find a place in her new home in Wilmington. Part of this process is her reluctance to return to the piano, the instrument that reminds her of her

mother. As her uncle Chad attempts to help her through this difficult time, a setback occurs when a stranger arrives at the house.


Haley realizes the stranger was a friend of her mother’s, and soon discovers her mother was having an affair that Chad knew about, and never told her father. This broken trust threatens to undo the progress they have made until Chad finally allows the impact of his brother’s death to

sink in and let him connect with Haley.


  As Haley both literally and symbolically excises her demons at the keys of a piano, a new family and a new future is formed for Haley, Chad, and Carter.


 Changeover deals with many modern issues including suicide prevention, depression, and PTSD. The film has a positive outlook for teens dealing with these issues and encourages breaking down stigmas related to seeking



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